Be Welcomed Friends

Your memories are what we want to capture.

All of our products are made one at a time for you.

No Min or Max Quantity.

Just think, you order 10 Items and all 10 can be personalized for each person.

We started just doing this for friends and family. Gifts that we could never get in a box store. We started with Aluminium Photo Panels added Holiday/Christmas ornaments and have kept adding more items. We have double walled insulated 20oz tumblers, photo panels in aluminium, stone slate, and glass. The Ornaments and charms are in ceramic and aluminium, that can be printed on both sides. We do dog bowls and tags for our Furr Babies. Get yard flags customized just for you.

Policies at Sentimental Pixels

Things You Need to Know

At Sentimental Pixels, we are dedicated to giving our customers a fair, rewarding and enjoyable shopping experience to enhance your memories. We take your Memories seriously but have certain rules with content. We will not accept anything that is thought to be Illegal or pornographic. We will not reproduce anything where minors are portrayed in anything illegal or illicit.